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IBA is a dynamic company, with offices and representations in various Middle East countries, and offering its services to International players interested in conducting business in the Middle East.

Through its experienced executives, IBA offers an extensive knowledge and experience in various sectors, with a special focus on Consultancy for construction, infrastructure and industrial projects, Insurance Services , Financial Engineering and Product Placement

Backed by a wealth of local and international experience, hands-on know-how, and vast networking history, IBA executives are ideally placed to help International corporations navigate the treacherous waters of the Arab world in search for business success, at minimum risk and cost.

Beirut Office Address:

Pharaon Bld., Pepinianos St.

Beirut - Lebanon

Tel: +961 1 444074 / N.Y. 1 646 495 8223

Fax: +961 1 445777 Mobile: +961 3 444074


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